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Professional Summary

As a seasoned VP of Engineering and CTO with substantial experience in the tech industry, I specialize in steering engineering teams to peak performance and innovation. A career highlight was my tenure at Searchmetrics, where my leadership in technology and team development played a crucial role in enhancing the product’s market position and driving significant growth during a key phase of the company’s expansion. This experience showcases my commitment to not just meet, but exceed technological and business objectives. Join me in exploring the synergy of leadership, innovation, and strategic vision in the tech world.

Experience Snapshot

  • At Searchmetrics: Played a pivotal role in scaling the product and team, significantly enhancing the product’s market presence during a critical expansion phase.
  • Leadership Roles in Tech: Leading numerous successful technology initiatives, consistently delivering innovative solutions and driving business growth in competitive markets.
  • Team Development: Recognized for building and nurturing high-performing engineering teams, fostering a culture of excellence, and empowering team members to achieve their full potential.

Approach to Leadership

I advocate for ‘Bottom-Up Development’ (BUD), a leadership philosophy centered on empowering teams and focusing on customer-centric solutions. This approach entails mentoring teams to tackle challenges innovatively, emphasizing problem-solving and agile methodologies. By fostering a culture where team-led problem identification and solution crafting are paramount, I ensure that our products not only meet technical standards but also resonate deeply with customer needs. My leadership is about enabling teams to flourish, driving innovation from within, and ensuring our solutions are data-driven and customer-focused.

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