Informatics and psychotherapy

Meet Us!

The company DProgres was founded by Drago and Petra Supina.

Petra holds a master’s degree in social pedagogy, is a licensed reality therapy psychotherapist (ECP), an NLP practitioner, and is being educated in logotherapy.

Apart from her formal education, what guarantees the expertise and quality of her work is her experience (over ten years) in direct work with children, youth, and adults through individual and group work, clinical practice, and workshops and lectures.

Besides enjoying her work with clients, Petra also loves to write. So far, several of her professional articles have been published through various media, in which she speaks about interpersonal relationships and mental health from the perspective of a reality therapist.

Drago holds a master’s degree in informatics and is a licensed project manager (PMP) according to the American Project Management Institute standard ( He has over 20 years of experience in complex IT challenges. Leading teams and encouraging the development of the potential of each team member – this is the area he truly enjoys working in.

Together (besides being married and raising three children) they deal with multidisciplinary topics such as personal advancement, lifestyle change and beliefs, strengthening mental health, team management, and improving business processes. The described areas are actually prerequisites for satisfaction and quality on a personal as well as professional level.

What often hinders any kind of change are established patterns of thinking and beliefs based on external control psychology. We are lulled into the comfort and security of our everyday lives. We do things the same way day in and day out simply because it’s easier, and we view any kind of change as uncertainty and a threat to what we’re accustomed to.

Keep in mind that the comfort zone is actually a zone without change and progress, and challenges and frustration are the primary drivers of change. Therefore, frustration is necessary for us to strengthen and enrich our potential.
Learn with us how to satisfy your needs alongside other people and how to manage yourself in situations of frustration and crisis.

We can and know how to teach you this. Change is necessary if we want professional development and personal growth. Change is an opportunity, potential, and possibility.

Start the change. Now!